The Friday Angel


The Friday Angel
On April 14th 2023, the Friday angel, Kemira Tevi will carry the severed head of her father, Kabel Moha Prom, the King of Heaven, around Mount Someru, before passing it to her sister, the Sunday angel Tungsa Tevi, for it will be her turn next year.
Kemira Tevi will then leave her celestial realm and head for Earth, where she will offer protection to the people of Cambodia for the year ahead. Kemira Tevi will be wearing violets in her hair and carrying a sword in her right hand, a zither in her left; she will be travelling on her trusted water buffalo.
As evidenced by the steep increase in price at the local markets, bananas are her favourite food, and these will be left out in offering to her in homes and temples all over the nation.
The Khmer New Year is celebrated on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of April in 2023. Day one is Moha Songkran when the New Year angel comes to earth. People will decorate and clean their homes, buy new clothes to wear and leave offerings of fruits, flowers, and light joss to welcome her.
The second day is Vanabat, the day of giving gifts to parents and elders. Small children will get new clothes and money; second-hand goods will be donated to those in need. People will visit their local pagodas to make offerings and will hold ceremonies for their ancestors.
The final day is Tanai Lieang Saka (New Beginning), where people will make an early pilgrimage to visit local monks for morning blessings. By mid-afternoon, the celebrations will have started, and many a freshly cleansed soul will continue the party on well into the night.

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