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Patches on a Torn Land

  Patches on a Torn Land I’ve known Matt Talbot for around half a dozen years or so, and I value our friendship; he is...

The Friday Angel

The Friday Angel On April 14th 2023, the Friday angel, Kemira Tevi will carry the severed head of her father, Kabel Moha Prom, the King...

The Cook, the Coach, the Wife and a Love of Wine

  The Cook, the Coach, the Wife and a Love of Wine   The Valentine’s Day Massacre An invitation from Cambodia’s Wine Warehouse team was simply...

About Last Night – New Wines

  About Last Night The Wines Things of Stone and Fruit Domaine Paul Blanck, Schlossberg Grand Cru, Riesling, Alsace 2017 The Blanck family has been established...

The Serpent’s Tale

The Serpent’s Tale   We shed our years like serpent skins When young, we wriggle out of them. Awkwardly and with impatience, Nothing can stop us, As we hurry...

Bad Earth, Petillant Naturel

    Bad Earth, Petillant Naturel I have been a huge fan of this vineyard and its wines from the very first time I tasted their...

A Well Chimed Visit

A Well-Chimed Visit   “I had an inheritance from my father, It was the moon and the sun. And though I roam all over the world, The spending of...

Bordeaux, Asia Tour 2022

  Bordeaux, Asia Tour 2022 - Maison Ginestet - Warehouse Tasted on the 39th floor of the Rosewood Hotel, Phnom Penh Cambodia on the 25th of...

Basque-ing in Glory

Basque-ing in Glory The Basque Country, (Basque: Euskal Herria) is the home of the Basque people, it sits in the north of the Iberian...

Euskaldunak Roaming

Euskaldunak Roaming   “We should try to be the parents of our future rather than the offspring of our past.”                                                                                               Miguel de Unamuno   Iñaki Bolumburu...