Chef Jan Van Dyk Leads Team Cambodia to Victory



Chef Jan Van Dyk Leads Team Cambodia to Victory

Rosewood Phnom Penh’s Executive Chef Jan Van Dyk Leads Team Cambodia to Victory at Gulf Food Youth X Competition

Rosewood Phnom Penh proudly announces that Executive Chef Jan Van Dyk has led Team Cambodia to victory at the prestigious Gulf Food Youth X competition held in Dubai. This remarkable achievement marks a historic moment as the first-ever invitation extended to a Cambodian representative in the competition’s history.

The Gulf Food Youth X competition, held at the Dubai World Trade Center from February 17 to 21, 2024, brought together the most promising young culinary talents from around the world. Representing the future of gastronomic innovation, these talented chefs showcased their skills in a high-stakes environment where youthful zeal transformed into gastronomic artistry.

The Youth X Young Chef Challenge witnessed the rise of a generation rewriting the future flavors of the world. Six top hotel teams from Kenya, India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Cambodia competed for the opportunity to showcase their skills and champion sustainability. Each team was tasked with preparing a three-course menu in just 60 minutes, using a selection of sustainable ingredients.

Judged on their incorporation of sustainability and zero-waste themes into their menus, teams were evaluated based on their vision, industry acumen, menu engineering, and presentation and taste. Among the esteemed panel of judges was renowned chef Christian Le Squer of Le Cinq, whose discerning palate recognized the exceptional talent of Team Cambodia.

Chef Jan Van Dyk, along with three Khmer chefs – Hout, Thol, and Sambat – represented Cambodia and Rosewood Phnom Penh with pride and passion. These talented chefs, making their debut on the international culinary stage, showcased the rich flavors and innovative techniques of Cambodian cuisine. Their collaboration resulted in a Bronze win for taste, story, sustainability, and creativity, placing them among the top competitors in the event.

One of the standout dishes prepared by Team Cambodia was a traditional Khmer salad, crafted using ingredients sourced directly from Rosewood Phnom Penh’s hydroponic farm. The salad featured fish from their partner Gecko Fish Farm, highlighting their commitment to supporting local producers. What truly set this dish apart was the inclusion of weaver ants, with the chefs showcasing the unique flavors and textures of these indigenous insects, even incorporating the ant’s eggs into the dish. To enhance the flavors, the chefs utilized Ma Om, also known as Rice Paddy Herb, a traditional Cambodian herb known for its refreshing lemony taste, perfectly complementing the dish’s flavor profile.

“This victory is a testament to the incredible talent and dedication of our team,” said Chef Jan Van Dyk. “It’s a privilege to represent Cambodia on an international platform and showcase the unique flavors of our country. This win is not just for us but for Cambodia and its rich culinary heritage. We are grateful for the opportunity to promote sustainability and innovation in Cambodian gastronomy.”

For those eager to experience the flavors of Cambodia, Chef Jan invites guests to sample authentic Cambodian dishes at Brasserie Louis restaurant, located within Rosewood Phnom Penh.

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