A Glass of Noir



A Glass of Noir

Sweetness and silk on the tongue,

Cherry kisses,

Falling to the floor of the forest,

Sweet, sweaty scents of sexual arousal.

Poetry, fanning out along neural pathways,

Little eddies of complexity swirling around synapses,

Coaxing, seducing, whispering lurid promises,

Plucking emotions, stirring feelings, clouding thoughts…

One cannot quite decode the siren’s song, leaning in …..

…ever closer.

A veil removed….…more suggestive…almost brazen,

The moist lips part……then recede just a little,

Is this all-shimmering illusion, drawing, ever drawing you further,

In to the heart of darkness…

…the sweet, black darkness.

Darren Gall

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