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‘Pinot Noir Around the World’ by Anne Krebiehl MW

The International Wine & Food Society (IWFS) is pleased to announce the publication of their latest monograph focusing on one of, if not, the world’s most captivating grapes – Pinot Noir.

As the landscape of the world’s traditional wine regions is evermore shifting this year’s IWFS monograph looks at new countries and regions where Pinot Noir is now grown – some with celebrated success and others where it is early days but ones to watch out for!

Author, Anne Krebiehl MW is an award-winning writer, educator and international judge.  Anne is recognized as a leading writer on this ‘visceral’ grape by leading writers in this field.  She is a self-confessed Pinot lover and declares it as one of her ‘abiding passions’! With these references in mind, who better to take on the task of charting Pinot Noir’s presence around the globe?

In the main body of the text Anne provides an informed overview of the countries now growing Pinot Noir and the producers taking on the challenge.  She starts her journey in Burgundy and then travels across Europe covering more of the classics and crossing new borders into estuarine Essex in England, across the Atlantic to The Americas including peering into Patagonia before heading west to Australia, New Zealand and finishing in South Africa.

Another chapter features tips from producers as to the foods they like to match with their Pinot.  For the future Pinot geeks there is a chapter on ‘Clonal talk’ plus updates on the acreage planted and the % of the plantings too.  This almost pocket-sized monograph, of 86 pages, provides an enticing introduction to Pinot but also provides an extensive Bibliography for those who want to read more…..

As well as being distributed to the near 6,000-strong global membership of the IWFS, which has branches from Los Angeles to Chicago and Tokyo to Tallin, the guide is also available to both public and trade. The guide can be purchased from the IWFS website via the following link:

Anne Krebiehl MW

The cover price is £9.99 but trade and bulk discounts are available. An e-book will also be available via various platforms in due course.

For purchases, enquiries & images, please contact Andrea Warren at the IWFS:

4 St James’s Square, London SW1Y 4JU, UK Tel:+ 44 (0)20 7827 5732 Email: [email protected] Website: Twitter: @IWFSGLOBAL #pinotnoir

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