Darren Gall




Days of Wine and Spices

Darren Gall, puts out the fire of spice in his mouth with the requisite wines. “The year was 1968. We were on recon in a steaming Mekong Delta. An overheated private removed his flak jacket,...

Putting out the Bins

Penfold’s Bin, Icon & Luxury Brands Wine Release 2013 The annual Penfold’s release of its wines is a significant date in the annual wine calendar. When it includes a vintage like 2010 then the market...

Noir – The Heart of Darkness

“Maya, Indian goddess of illusions, siren of shipwrecked sailors; if only you lactated Pinot Noir, you’d be perfect.”  Miles to Maya in the movie 'Sideways'. Pinot Noir is the ultimate Diva of the wine world:...

Khmer Cuisine & Wine

Khmer cuisine is one of the world’s oldest living cuisines and one of the most resilient on the planet. Spices are often exquisite in quality yet restrained and understated in their use. Regional flavours and...

Moscato Magic

    Light, playful, soft and all tingly on your tongue, moscato wine is like a refreshing, delightful little spa for your palate and a sure way to inject in the fun. The Piedmonte area of North...

The Duke of Duck

Last year, Villa Maria Estate celebrated its 50th vintage; its first vintage, back in 1962 was off a single acre of grapes, vinified in a small shed in suburban Auckland. Today, Villa Maria has vineyards...

The Incredible Rareness of Being Common

Passion is the mob of the man that commits a riot upon his reason. William Penn The Common Tiger restaurant in new Phnom Penh dining precinct, Street 294 is anything but common, love stories rarely are. It...

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