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Bad Earth, Petillant Naturel

    Bad Earth, Petillant Naturel I have been a huge fan of this vineyard and its wines from the very first time I tasted their...

An Uncommon Sole

Solea Solea (The Life of a Common Sole) The Solea solea species of the Soleidae, (flatfish) family gets its name from the Latin word for sandals....

Joseph Drouhin: the Door to Freedom & the Road to Chablis

By all accounts, Joseph Drouhin was an enterprising young man. He came from the Chablis region in the far north of Burgundy and -at...

The White Album – Track One: Chardonnay

  Catalina Sounds ‘Sound of White' Chardonnay, Marlborough New Zealand, 2019 From the Sound of White vineyard in the Waihopai Valley, Marlborough wine region, New Zealand....