The Essential Guide to Modern Madeira


The Essential Guide to Modern Madeira

 Announcing the release of The Essential Guide to Modern Madeira by Richard Mayson, published by The International Wine & Food Society (IWFS).

The making of madeira?! It is so much more.


The ideal update for lovers of madeira or the perfect introduction for

those just starting their madeira journey!  Plus there is a colourful fold-out map of the island, commissioned by the IWFS, which provides an up-to-date record of key grape growing areas and the best roads to follow to enjoy the ‘real’ Madeira, off the highways!

Author Richard Mayson says ‘This short monograph is intended to help take some of the mystery out of Madeira, the islands and the wines they produce.’  In this almost pocket-sized monograph readers can get a taste of all there is to know about madeira including how it is made, key grapes, styles, the key producers, where to buy, different styles plus Richard’s recommended wines and what dishes are best to drink it with.

Richard also gives useful travel tips to visitors to the island providing hints as to how to get the most out of their trip.

As Richard advises, a great plus about enjoying a madeira is that you don’t have to drink a bottle all at one sitting, you can revisit it for many weeks, months or even years (if it is well stoppered).  So, in their busy lives readers can combine enjoying this monograph and a glass of madeira as and when they wish – rather than all in one go!  Saúde…

With only a handful of books recently published about madeira the IWFS were delighted when Richard agreed to write this monograph which is number 22 in their food and wine monograph series (click here for a full list of titles). This guide has been distributed to the 6,000-strong international membership of the IWFS, which has branches from Omaha to Oslo and Shanghai to South Africa, and is also available to the public and trade.

The guide can be purchased from the IWFS website via this link. The cover price is £9.99 (or equivalent currency) and posted worldwide (+P&P). Trade and bulk discounts are available. An e-book will also be available via various platforms in due course.

The IWFS is an independent non-profit making organisation, run by volunteers, it is also one of the largest wine and food societies in the world.  The Society organizes wine and gastronomic tours, publishes an annual vintage guide, a wine and food pairing app, monographs and quarterly newsletters, regionally and internationally, and offers many dining and travel related benefits.

For more details about the Society or you would like to receive a copy of this title please reply to this email or contact Andrea Warren, International Secretariat, IWFS, London – [email protected]


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