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The River of Sapphire

The River of Sapphire Cambodia’s celebrated master chef, Luu Meng is looking lean and relaxed as we meet for an early morning chat, I...

The Scent of Jasmine & the Goddess of Dance

The Scent of Jasmine & the Goddess of Dance   From great devotion comes great art Wandering through the halls and pathways of Angkor Wat, taking...

Pigs of the Gods

 Mahendraparvata: City of the Gods Jayavarman II, -after an elaborate spiritual ceremony, that included rituals performed by Brahman Hiranyadama- rose himself up above the crowd...

Num Banh Chok

Cambodian’s are proud of their Num Banh Chok, it is the name of their rice noodles and also the name of the enormously popular dish...