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Wonder Wall

Wonder Wall For many people, it is sometimes difficult to appreciate the mark-up on wines in restaurants, the significantly higher prices -often for the same wines- we are asked to pay when compared to...

The Thursday Angel

The Thursday Angel In the early hours of April, 14th 2022, the angel Keriny Tevi will visit this earth to signal the start of the New Year 2022. Offerings of beans and sesame will...

The Pastry at the End of the Earth

The Pastry at the End of the Earth “It is for others one must learn to do everything; for there lies the secret of happiness.” Jules Verne Jules Gabriel Verne, (1828 to 1905) was an extraordinary novelist,...

Chapter 265

  Chapter 265   A list of the requirements to live a happy life: Freedom Self Sufficiency Friendship Thought Wine Bread & Cheese -Epicurus, (#Note: Epicurus was an avowed teetotal, the author here has substituted water with wine)   Epicurus  The famous Greek philosopher Epicurus...

Tajima Anima

Tajima Anima It is said, Cattle were brought to Japan from China at around the same time as rice cultivation, which was in the second century AD. The cattle were used as work beasts,...

An Uncommon Sole

Solea Solea (The Life of a Common Sole) The Solea solea species of the Soleidae, (flatfish) family gets its name from the Latin word for sandals. It is sometimes called the Common Sole but, most famously...

Tables of Two

  “So short our lives, so hard the lessons, so difficult the tests, so sudden the final victory,  so tenuous the hope of joy that so easily evaporates into fear – this is what I mean...

Flatiron – The Third Place

Flatiron - The Clothes Iron Flatiron Meridian Cambodia is a state-of-the-art, integrated development that incorporates prime office space, hospitality, and over 300 units of five-star, serviced residence. This new Phnom Penh landmark is inspired by...

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