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Chive Talking

In 2013, the tranquil little expanse of lawn in front of the National Museum and beside the Royal Palace was transformed into its ceremonial function as a funerary complex called Veal Preah Meru, the sacred ground where the King’s of Cambodia are cremated so that their souls may transcend to the temple of heaven. In […]

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Soul Food

October in Cambodia is all about Pchum Ben, a Buddhist observance that lasts for 15 days during mid-autumn of the Khmer chhankitek, (lunar) calendar, in the month of Phutrabot.  The festival is the most important of the year, along with Khmer New Year and generation after generation of Cambodians have observed and celebrated this festival, […]

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Bean Streets

The modern concept of café culture is alive and well in Cambodia with the emergence of the successful local café chain Browns and the invasion of international franchises like Costa and Starbucks. There is also a burgeoning local roasting industry with companies such as Rumble Fish in Kampot, Feel Good in Battambang and Three Corner […]