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Tango in Saigon

    Octo bills itself as a ‘restobar’ -having weaved down a small alley, climbed a rickety staircase, up past multiple, mixed businesses on each floor until lost, deep in the bowels of a decaying remnant, (this is a quintessential Sai Gon experience I never tire of)- I finally enter to find the pata negra […]

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Dim Sum & Wine

For a great many centuries, ever since their origins on the silk road as a snack to go with Yum Cha, (literally drinking tea) the small morsels of delicious food known as Dim Sum have been as much about the art of attraction as they have about sustenance. Competing vendors would come up with ever […]

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The Art of Imperfection

  Mike Wong at Kanji restaurant has been a chef of Japanese cuisine for over twenty five years, learning the many disciplines of Japanese cooking under several masters. Working under such masters is rigorous, “They were very tough” Mike said, noting that they were also even handed, hard on everyone. At first Mike would be […]

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Farm to Table

  Farm to Table is an urban café in BKK1 that features an herb garden, vegetable market and children’s play area. Yet to me and no doubt countless others it is much, much more than this, it is a set of clean lungs in a congested, dusty, traffic trap, it is a source of health, […]

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High Water Mark

  Sevensea, (sic) is the latest culinary concept of Cambodia’s most accomplished and celebrated chef Luu Meng, the stated aim is to combine popular Asian cooking styles with the finest seafood available. Specializing in Cambodian, Chinese and Japanese seafood the restaurant recently opened at the brand new Almond Bassac Hotel, which sits in a quiet […]