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The Exciseman

    The Exciseman Whisky Bar, Singapore exciseman (British) noun plural -men A government official who collects excises and enforces the laws concerning them For over two hundred and fifty years, from the early 18th century through to the mid-20th century, excise officers cast a long shadow over the Scotch whisky industry. These were the […]

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Foraged Goods

  Forage: verb: (of a person or animal) to search for food. To hunt, search, rummage around, root about, scavenge for provisions. A few decades back, when agriculture began to become industrialized, mechanized, chemically treated and genetically altered, when holes began to appear in the ozone layer and terms like global warming,  food miles and […]

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The Midnight Special

The ‘Misnomer of the Year’ a friend called it, indeed brunch is supposed to be about sleeping in very late on the weekend and then having a relaxed, decadent and somewhat boozy meal between breakfast and lunch that can (and often does) roll on until late in the afternoon. According to the August 1896 edition […]

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Straight Up, No Chaser

  Phnom Penh, late morning and I have an audience with the ruling monarch of Phnom Penh’s cocktail society, Jen Queen. The café is Feel Good, I get a sense we both come here regularly, to heal and seek redemption. The coffee is strong, the conversation unfiltered. Jen Queen is the driving force behind the […]

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This Negroni Life

The bitter and twisted Negroni has somehow become the trendiest cocktail of the decade, with Conde Nast Traveler magazine suggesting it is to New Millennials what the Cosmopolitan was to Yuppies way back in the last decade of the last century. In fact, the Negroni it is so trendy right now it should have its […]

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Le Bouchon

  Last week was ‘Good France’ week in Cambodia, seven days spent celebrating the French ‘joy for life’ and the art of the French table. With a vast array of events, dinners and promotions, Phnom Penh’s French community, restaurants, brasseries and bistros did themselves proud. Given the sense of occasion, I thought it only fitting […]

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A Gin fit for a Sling

London Gin has come a long way since the early 1700’s, when London Town was awash with cheap and nasty versions of a spirit nicknamed ‘Mother’s ruin’, portrayed as the wrong side of the tracks in William Hogarth’s famous prints of Beer Street and Gin Lane (1751). When the British government began allowing unlicensed distilleries […]

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Time Travel

Le Royal restaurant at Raffles Le Royal Hotel in Phnom Penh has the magical ability to transport you, not only to another world, but also to another time. There are very few hotels in the Kingdom that come near Le Royal for commitment to service and quality, there are none than can match it for […]