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Natural History part 1. Desire

A list of the requirements to live a happy life: Freedom Self Sufficiency Friendship Thought Wine Bread & Cheese -Epicurus, (#Note: Epicurus was an avowed teetotal, the author here has substituted wine for water) The Ancient Greek philosopher and founder of the ‘School of Hedonism’, Epicurus, (341–270 BCE) realized there was a problem with desire. […]

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This Negroni Life

The bitter and twisted Negroni has somehow become the trendiest cocktail of the decade, with Conde Nast Traveler magazine suggesting it is to New Millennials what the Cosmopolitan was to Yuppies way back in the last decade of the last century. In fact, the Negroni it is so trendy right now it should have its […]

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21 Gun Salute

Royal Salute is a premium blended whiskey produced by Chivas Regal, the youngest material used in the blend has been matured for 21 years, a considerable age compared to others and prompting the slogan that Royal Salute ‘begins making whiskey were the others end’. Royal Salute brand ambassador Darren Hosie was in town recently to […]

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Out of the Darkness

  Tasmania is sometimes called the Apple Isle and was once known as Van Diemen’s Land, it sits off the south east coast of mainland Australia and is a sparsely populated island, with large tracts of virgin forest, uninhabited by man. Its beauty lies in its quiet, open spaces, its crisp, cool air, its pristine […]

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Second Impression – Sound

    “People who have never had a broken heart will never understand dead roses, Tolstoy, airport lounges, Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor, neat brandy, the moon and drizzle.” Wendy Harmer Upon that first, unforgettable hearing of ‘Adagio in G Minor for Strings and Organ Continuo’ I was immediately entrapped in its spell. Little did […]

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First Impressions – Sight

  Over twenty years ago, I was spending a pleasant Sunday afternoon at the National Gallery of Victoria, slowly meandering through an exhibition of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. The exhibition also happened to feature works by some of the artists who had influenced Van Gogh and the artistic movement to which he belonged. As I […]