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Natural History part 1. Desire

A list of the requirements to live a happy life: Freedom Self Sufficiency Friendship Thought Wine Bread & Cheese -Epicurus, (#Note: Epicurus was an avowed teetotal, the author here has substituted wine for water) The Ancient Greek philosopher and founder of the ‘School of Hedonism’, Epicurus, (341–270 BCE) realized there was a problem with desire. […]

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Wine for the Thanks

It’s November and that means Americans all over the world are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, which is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of the eleventh month. In 1620, a small ship called the Mayfair sailed from Plymouth, England bearing a load of hopeful colonists; it would prove a perilous journey. In 1621, […]

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Piec ‘n’ Pie

What is a Polish girl with a Master’s Degree in International Economics to do other than head to Cambodia and buy an Australian pie shop? Ewa Jankowska was raised in Warsaw, a city girl with a deep love of the Polish countryside, passed on to her by her grandparents, who were hunters of game in […]

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Cattle Run

  As Asia’s emerging economies continue to perform strongly and the sheer number of people classified as middle income earners grows exponentially, their dietary habits and demands change and this in turn has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for quality beef across the region, with Cambodia being no exception to this phenomenon. New […]