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From PSE to the LRC

  From PSE to the LRC Cambodian Cuisine on the World’s Culinary Stage Recent disruption aside, Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant, affluent, exciting and sophisticated cities in the world. From its typhoon shelters and noodle houses to the finest Cantonese and International cuisine in its five star hotels, exclusive restaurants and private […]

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Independence Day

    From Lost World to Last Hope   ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’ Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls; Where words come out from the depth of truth; Where […]

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The Exciseman

    The Exciseman Whisky Bar, Singapore exciseman (British) noun plural -men A government official who collects excises and enforces the laws concerning them For over two hundred and fifty years, from the early 18th century through to the mid-20th century, excise officers cast a long shadow over the Scotch whisky industry. These were the […]

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Chive Talking

In 2013, the tranquil little expanse of lawn in front of the National Museum and beside the Royal Palace was transformed into its ceremonial function as a funerary complex called Veal Preah Meru, the sacred ground where the King’s of Cambodia are cremated so that their souls may transcend to the temple of heaven. In […]

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French Cheese Diplomacy

It was fifty years ago last month that French President, General and Statesman Charles de Gaulle made his famous speech at Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh in front of an estimated crowd of 100,000 people. In his address de Gaulle praised Prince Sihanouk for his ambitious development and modernization policies and for his neutral stance […]

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Penh Noir

  I do enjoy the organoleptic pleasure of a fine match between glass and dish and I am ever so prone to preferring certain wine styles in the dark, humid heat of the Cambodian night. Nothing quite says Phnom Penh like being perched on a plastic stool at a tin table, teetering on uneven pavement […]

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Bean Streets

The modern concept of café culture is alive and well in Cambodia with the emergence of the successful local café chain Browns and the invasion of international franchises like Costa and Starbucks. There is also a burgeoning local roasting industry with companies such as Rumble Fish in Kampot, Feel Good in Battambang and Three Corner […]

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Lost World

  Sometimes, there are certain moments, certain meals that can be so serendipitously excellent you become convinced that unknown forces have conspired to bring you to a particular place, at a specific time, for a single moment of sheer perfection. My mother and I are sitting at table on an old stone terrace on the […]